Arcade Machine Restoration Cabinet

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SPOTTERS GUIDE - What is that cab ? Cabinet Structure Mains Electrical - Safety Considerations - Earthing - Fusing - Harnesses DC and Game Harnesses Cabling types and capacities Connectors - manufacturers, series, suppliers, tooling

Feel free to edit PACMAN, MS PACMAN COCKTAIL CABINET PLANS, by dezbaz Dedicated cocktail machines and Kyle Linstrom's plans were great, but the monitor was attached to the hinging top, which was attached to one side. A new version was devised and added to [aussie arcade] in Metric format The plans have been released here pics are available with cut lists Woodgrain versions are also available so the grains all run the right way Hinged control panels are used to allow for switching to 8 way games easily, as the dedicated control panels were fixed down.

Tools needed to build a cabinet are 1. xx 2. xx 3. xx 4. xx 5. xx

a tutorial is available to make 8 x cabinet glass top clips