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Galaga pinout

44-pin card-edge, Bootleg Galaga board

Marked as follows
Board Label

This two board stack is very large, the boards are approx 10 1/2" wide x 16" long. The CPU board has 4 Z80's and 7 2732s. The sound amp is an MB3712 and is located in the top left corner if you have the board oriented with the card-edge pointing up. On the right side of the board, there is a 50 pin ribbon cable and one on the bottom in the center. The video board is almost the same size as the CPU board, just 1/4" shorter. The Video board has the normal 6 2114 rams and space for either 2 2148 RAMs, or 8 2147 RAMs.

Parts Side     Solder Side

Speaker - B 2 Speaker +
Lockout Solenoid C 3 Coin Counter 1
P1 Start Lamp D 4 P2 Start Lamp
+12 VDC E 5 +12 VDC
+5 VDC F 6 +5 VDC
Service J 8 Test
Coin 1 K 9 Coin 2
P1 Start L 10 P2 Start
P1 Fire/Jump M 11 P2 Fire/Jump
P1 Left N 12 P2 Left
P 13
P1 Right R 14 P2 Right
S 15
T 16
U 17
 Video Green V 18 Video Blue
 Video Red W 19 Composite sync
X 20
Coin Counter 2 Y 21 Table1

1 Ground this pin for Cocktail mode

The most notable thing about this bootleg is that it has the same pinouts as a Midway Galaga board, but no 3-pin power connector on the CPU (But there is space for it if you wanted to populate it) and the monitor connections are on the card-edge instead of a separate 6-pin video connector on the Video board.

There are two banks of 8 switch dip-switches and they have the same settings as a normal Midway Galaga board.