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Creating a mamed machine effectively means that you change your single game machine running a PCB over to a machine that can run anything from one game to thousands all powered by a standard PC. Mame is an emulator started by Nicola Salmoria and first released back in February 1997. Since then it has become extremely well known and even spawned many pirate multi-board PCBs with a jamma interface.

Once people discovered mame and started replaying their youth on home computers the rest was inevitable. Along came custom arcade controllers followed quickly by complete cabinets either retrofitted or build from scratch.

However none of this would be possible without the software and the library of emulators, front-ends and utilties has grown considerably.


Front Ends

  • Windows
  • Dos
  • Macintosh
  • Linux



  • Rom Managers
  • Game List Management
  • Wrappers

PC Configuration