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Galaga (Midway)

Marquee galaga midway.jpg
Manufacturer Midway
Year 1981
PCB Image Reserved
Pin Out Galaga Pinout

Repairer: GameDude
Forum Thread: Galaga (Midway) PCB Repair

Board #1 Constant reseting - Nice easy fix this one... broken trace between cpu's thats it, 4L was the location.

Flex and soak tested the PCB for a day and it works great!

I did notice that on the attract that the ship could not hit the enemy on one of the score examples, turns out the rapid fire chip had been installed on this board at 3J - Not really a fault but a quirk of the reprogramed rom.

Board #2 (SOLD) Constant reseting - This board set had problems on both the CPU and VIDEO board as I tested each against a known working set.

First was the CPU board, no physical damage was evident but it should be noted that many of these midway boards have corrosion / rust on many of the customs.

Carefully removing each and cleaning the legs with a very fine file I found one with a broken leg 2H 5volt pin, after reseating all chips carefully and soldering a new leg I now get boot to the game but with bad graphics.

The crosshatch at the start has big then little squares and the game screen is doubled, cut to the chase after cleaning all the customs the video board now works perfect.

It seems that all these old boards suffer from is usually corrsion / rust, I make it a habit now after cleaning to laquer the PCB to prevent further rusting.

I now have two original galaga PCB

FLEX = Flexing of PCB to see if there are any bad joints or sockets.
SOAK = Running for a while to see if the PCB crashes, sometimes using various voltage levels.

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